Ideas about ideas

Once in a while, you'll get an idea to create or improve something. If you don't fear bad ideas, you'll probably have more. And if you gone through enough ideas, you might stumble upon one that you willing to go all out for. When you finally found the best idea (at that point in time), you would probably want to seek some validation. For example, when we had the idea for Ravejoint, we did some research and concluded that most food reviews sites out there isn't good enough. So we went ahead.

The research and validations are obviously prone to confirmation bias but we needed it to give us the confidence to stick with the idea. In other words, we are trying to come with reasons that the idea is a workable one. We had to believe in it and take the leap of faith.

Sometimes things work out but other times it doesn't. So when it's apparent the idea isn't the one that's going to solve all our problems, we start to look for reasons as to why it failed. This time, we are trying to convince ourselves that the idea isn't worth pursuing anymore.

It seems rather wasteful to go through the entire process just to find out if an idea works or not. But if you don't work on an idea, it will forever be just an idea. What a waste.