What adults can learn from kids

The child prodigy Adora Svitak gave a talk at TED about what we adults need to learn from kids. We need more childish thinking and wild imagination to dream up a better world. I love the part where she said that kids don't care about how hard something is or the limitation but rather they just think about good ideas. Check out the talk below.

Raising kids to be entrepreneurs

This an awesome talk by Cameron Herold at TEDxEdmonton about why we should encourage kids to be entrepreneur. I love his insight on allowances for kids. He argues that allowances train kids to expect a steady income like a paycheck. It trains them to get a job instead of starting their own venture. Instead of allowances, he tell his kids that they can look for tasks and jobs they want to do to get paid. Then they negotiate the price for the job. This teaches them about how to look for opportunity and improve their negotiation skills. Half the profit is then channeled into a bank account and later used to invest in stocks. They are taught the importance of savings and investments at such early age.

I wish I was raised this way. Every parent out there need to watch this.

Change the course of history

Four Years Go is a movement to get everyone to start changing our lifestyle to avert the incoming ecological and social collapse. We have to change the course of history in the next 4 years in order to create a better future.

As the Chinese proverb says “If we don’t change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed” and in humanity’s case where we are headed is clearly some type of ecological and social collapse.

All of us have to realize the damage we are causing to our planet and rise up to change this. We need to be the change agents that will lead humanity to more sustainable course. Check out the site for more information about this movement.

Stop buying stuff you don't need

Annie Leonard created a film and also released a book about the true cost of our consumerism on the nature and human beings. It's a story that shows why we should stop buying stuff (at least less of them) because it is simply unsustainable. Take 20 minutes and watch the film below and it will change your perceptive of things you use everyday.

For those who are interested, here's the book.

Truth about happiness

Daniel Kahneman, pioneer of behavioral economics, talked about the 2 ways we perceive happiness and the conflict between them. There are these notions of experiencing self and remembering self. As you probably have guessed, experiencing self is the one that live in the moment and experience our life, while the remembering self is the one that recalls the memories of our life and experience. They are the reason why being happy in your life isn't the same as being happy with your life.

When I ask you, how you are feeling now, your experiencing self will be the one responding to the question. If I ask you how was your day yesterday, your remembering self will replay your memories of the day before and answer the question. Differentiating these 2 entities is crucial to understanding what happiness is.

No one can explain this better than the man himself so I've embedded the video below. Happy watching.