The most important skill to learn in life

The most common gripe about the education system is how bad it is at equipping our next generation with the necessary skills to survive in the workplace. 

It is common to see graduates, having spent more than a decade in school and college, lacking the know-how to manage their own finances. This is worrying as student debt continue to rise and youths are filling for bankruptcy on a daily basis.

But what’s even more important than being financial savvy, is the skill to manage your time wisely and effectively. Unlike personal wealth which may vary for each individual, all of us have the same amount of time to manage every single day.

In school and later at work, we were taught to follow the timetable. Everyone is supposed adhere to the same schedule like clockwork. This is a relic from the Industrial Age designed to train and manage factory workers. 

In today’s fast paced economy, workers are sacrificing sleep and blurring the lines of work-life balance in order to stay competitive. Burnout and depression are becoming more and more common in the workforce.

Time management is crucial not only for productivity and getting things done but also to maintain the sanity of our mind and soul. We need to make time to keep us healthy, both physically and mentally.

If we say time is money, then it’s odd that we don’t put in as much effort into managing it compared to our finances. If it were up to me, I’ll make it compulsory for every student to learn the skill of time management.

I would teach them to make time to learn something new. It’s important to take a break for the usual routine and try out different things. This will help keep things fresh and motivate us through the daily grind.

We will also need to learn to make time for our interest, hobbies and sports. Block out time to enjoy your favourite TV shows guilt free. Join a gym to keep yourself fit and spend time pursuing your dreams. Craving out time to have fun is proven to be beneficial to our well-being.

And more importantly, we need to spend time to invest into our relationships. We, humans are social beings and without these connections, we won’t be able to reach our fullest potential. Always make time for your family, friends and God.

In financial terms, we consider a business healthy if it’s generating cash flow and profit. As a person, I would argue your health and well-being is directly determined by how well you manage your time. If you want a balanced and rewarding life, it’s time to take control of your schedule and be the master of your own destiny.

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