The year so far

After about 8 months into this year (2011), it feels that we at Flexnode did a lot of stuff but yet seems like we aren't really moving forward. Here's a short recap for 2011 so far.

  • StartNOW - We envisioned it to be an online community for entrepreneurs, visionaries and action takers. Maybe the features on the site is too confusing or doesn't fit the target audience. Or could be that we need to find ways to seed content to the site and make it useful. Right now, the site is practically dead. For now we are trying to form an offline community first and see what's needed there.
  • - So far, it's been a rather good year for our movie showtimes site. We added a mobile version and favourite cinemas feature.
  • iPhone app - We spent a few months getting into iOS development to try to build an iPhone version of Showtimes. We got a prototype built but it's still very far from what we have planned it to be. So meanwhile, we made a mobile site first.
  • - This is more like a pet project to mimic lolcats. The idea is basically to seed the site with funny pics that aims to cheer you up if you are having a bad day. Haven't really put much effort into promoting it yet. Might pivot into something else.
  • Webcamp KK - As mentioned above, we figured we needed to form an offline community to find out more about how it works and what it needs. The first Webcamp was awesome and hopefully we can keep this up. It's nice to have a local support group for web enthusiasts in Kota Kinabalu.
  • Idea on Permission Marketing - Back in July, we pitched this idea at NINA (incubator/startup event) here in Kota Kinabalu. Our aim was really to gain more experience in pitching our ideas. It was a good try and we are currently considering whether to pursue the idea or not.
  • Revamp - All this while we never had a proper company site so this year we took some time to put one up that is at least presentable.

There's still 4 months left before the year is over and hopefully there will be more awesome stuff in store for us. The next 2 months will be exciting as we are going to work with a client in KL on an interesting project.

How's the year been treating you so far?