The Web never forgets

If you think women have good memory and seems to be able to recall even the tiniest of details, the web is probably a million times better at it. It remembers every post you blogged, every picture you uploaded and every status update you tweet. Google crawl and index everything on the web. The Wayback Machine archives web pages which allows you somewhat go back in time and as of 2009, has accumulated 3 petabytes (3 million gigabytes) of data.

Facebook is now the biggest photo site on the web followed Flickr and Photobucket. Geo-location on Twitter now tracks not only what you are doing now but also where you are.

People are now sharing almost every part of their life on the web sometimes with dire consequences. RobMeNow is a site created to warn us about the danger of sharing our current location to the world.

The web used to only contain histories and memories of our life. But with the recent rush of real-time technologies like Twitter and Foursquare, it is possible to find out up-to-date information about someone on the web.

Think twice before you post that status update about your vacation or that rant about your boss on the web. Think of your online presence as your personal brand and try not to taint it. Don't forget that the web never forgets.