Why Charlie?

I just found out about this 3 year old Youtube video, Charlie the unicorn that has something like 40+ million views and 110k+ comments. It is ridiculously funny and random. I was curious about how this 3 1/2 minutes long cartoon became so viral. So I took the risk and watched the other episodes. Thankfully, I think I'm still sane and these are the things I noticed in all 3 episodes.

  1. Charlie's friends will invite him on a magical adventure
  2. Along the journey, Charlie's friends will make random noises/conversations that annoys him
  3. Also along the journey, they will encounter things you can't expect in your wildest imagination which will annoy and humor you (and Charlie) at the same time
  4. Near the end of the adventure, there will be a song which is surprisingly pretty catchy and of course random
  5. At the end, Charlie will be screwed in some way by his friends

Not sure if this is the formula to create a viral clip but one thing I'm sure of. This thing is pretty darn addictive to watch and probably explains the massive amount of views. Whatever it is, I need to get away from it now.