Don't worry about it

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you can't do anything to make it better. If you've explored all the possibilities and still couldn't solve the problem, then don't worry about it and let it be. We are taught how to solve problems but never learned to decide which problem we shouldn't solve. You need to realize that you can't possibly have the answer for everything.

It's okay to walk away from things you can't deal with but just don't use it as an excuse to run away from it.

Understanding the problem

It took me a while to start blogging because I was trying to solve a problem that didn't matter. At first, I was under the impression that it's hard to blog because I simply can't have that many things to talk about. So naturally, my solution was to write shorter posts like those who uses Tumblr. To make matter worse, since I'm a web developer, I decided to code my own blogging platform. Together with John, we got it up in a month or so and started blogging.

It was only a few months into blogging (occasionally) that I realized the problem wasn't the platform. The actual problem was that I didn't understand how and what I wanted to blog about. Only then I realized, what I needed from a blogging platform and switched over to Wordpress.

The lesson to be learned here is that when faced with a problem, try to find out more about it. Don't try to solve a problem without understanding it because you will be just wasting time and effort.

If you can't figure out the problem, face it directly. In my case, I should have just started blogging with any of the blogging platform out there to get a feel on what's keeping me from it. Understanding the problem is the first and most crucial step to solving it.