Make better decision by deciding to be better

Make better decision by deciding to be better

Earlier this year I made a decision that I thought was rational and logical. After carefully considering my options, I made the call to sell my current car and buy a bigger one.

But after a few months, that same decision appeared to be somewhat reckless and uncharacteristic. How did a decision that seemed rational and logical before become one that don’t make much sense later?

What you had for lunch could change your life

What you had for lunch could change your life

Last night during dinner, I was struggling to recall what I had for lunch. Yet moments later, at the same dinner, I was able to describe the entire experience of having my favourite ramen in Japan months ago.

Have you ever wondered why it is easier for us to recall certain past events in our lives, even though it may have happened years ago, but can’t seem to remember what we had for lunch yesterday?

Outsource your decisions

Outsource your decisions

Take control of your life by deciding to decide less

At last year’s Team Retreat, while enjoying the breeze on Khao Lak Beach in Thailand, I told the rest of the team that I don’t care about people. We were playing Two Truths One Lie and there are times when I’m unsure if that statement was true or a lie.

Studies have shown that willpower is a limited mental resource. Every time you make a decision, it depletes that same energy resource your willpower uses and eventually you’ll give in to your desires. This is known as Ego Depletion.

Stop doing all the things

One of the biggest problem I had managing a team is delegating tasks to other team members. Working in a team of 2 for many years have conditioned us to do everything ourselves. Since we are building products and prototypes for startups, this meant we do everything from design, development to deployment.

But no matter how good we are at the job, there is no way we can tackle every single task ourselves. In order to do more, we had to have more people in our team and split the work. I have to admit that I was forced to delegate and it wasn’t easy.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people
— Steve Jobs

The first thing I had to understand was that in order to achieve more and have a bigger impact, delegating tasks to others is critical. This allows everyone to focus on parts they are good at and push the boundary of their work.

This also does not mean I’m losing control over the tasks and I have to trust the person I’m delegating to. Basically, I have to accept that things can be done differently and leverage unique skills of each individual. You can also take this opportunity to teach and mentor your team members.

At first, it may seem that things are moving slower than usual but have faith in your team members. Once your team gets the hang of it, productivity will increase and it will free you to focus on tasks that are important to you.

How to Delegate

  1. Start with small and simple tasks. This helps in getting yourself comfortable working with others.

  2. Make sure you pick the right person for the task and trust in their ability to complete it.

  3. Give clear instructions and a deadline for the task.

  4. Entrust them with the responsibility & authority and be there to defend and help them if required.
  5. Touch base with them regularly for progress updates and issues. You can do daily meetings with them.
  6. Give credit to their work publicly if possible.

If you feel your team is not as productive as they can be, the problem could be that the leader is not delegating tasks well enough. As a leader and entrepreneur, learning how to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others is one of the most important thing you can do. To do more, you have to stop doing all the things.