The YOU Element

Ever wonder why some people and companies succeed while others fail horribly. Why some artists command a premium on their art while others struggle to make a living. I think the answer is the YOU element. The thing that makes your art, product, service unique and can only be achieved by you alone. The thing you and your creation stands for.

When I buy something from you, I'm not just buying it for me, I'm buying to be part of a community. To be your customer and to be a part of what your brand stands for. When I buy a Macbook, it means something. It shows what I want in a laptop.

The best way for your product to be noticed is to create a Purple Cow, something that's unique and remarkable. Guess what's unique and remarkable? You!

You need to identify your gift, your special sauce, your touch that makes your creation different. The stuff that only you can pull off. When you look at drawings from Hugh Macleod, you can instantly identify him in it. It's something only he can do.

Everyone’s an artist now. - Seth Godin in Linchpin

Everything you create is art. As long as you are creating something, you are an artist. Seth Godin says anyone who put their heart and soul into their work, people who add the human element into the equation, the ones that do emotional labor are all artists. Art is something that's human, not something that's made by a machine.

Your art is also a reflection of you. Your personality, your thoughts, your values. It tells a lot about you and hopefully it's a story that others would love to hear and share with friends.

I think this applies not only on an individual level (artist, musicians) but also for companies and organization (e.g. Apple, Nike). If you're building something, you have to literally put yourself into it. As long as things you are doing have you in it, you'll be fine.