Default choice

If I'm returning to a restaurant, usually I'll go for what I like best. This is will be the default choice unless i'm returning more often which I'll then flip flop between a few of my top choices. My reasons are rather simple.

  1. Saves time - It can take a while to decide on what to eat, so going for the default choice gives me more time enjoying the food and less time deciding.
  2. Safe choice - Being the best choice usually guarantee that I'll have an enjoyable and tasty meal. Yes, I'm not that adventurous simply because I hate sucky food.
  3. I get the best they offer - My choices are usually the restaurant's signature dishes. This means I'm ordering something they are really good at, at least to me. No reason to go KFC and have the fish burger. Go for their best meal. (hint: chicken)

The caveat here is obviously I had to go through some of the food before discovering my favourite. But once I found it, it'll be my default choice until something change.

What about you? Do you have default choice or you prefer to try something every time? Or maybe it's dependent on the current alignment of the stars?