Ramp vs Treadmill

Are you charging higher and higher for your products or services as time goes by? Or are you charging the same rate or worse, less and less? Dave Navarro argues that if you are not charging more, you are using the wrong business model.

Your business can be one of two things: A ramp, or a treadmill.

A ramp leads to a bigger and bigger business.  A treadmill leads to more of the same, and a plateau of sales.  (Or, if you have a fancy treadmill, a gentle incline that doesn’t get you that much farther.)

A ramp gets you to the next level.  A treadmill doesn’t.

Credits: Dave Navarro

However, don't be mistaken and think that all you need to do is increase the price of your products. You need to increase the value provided by your products and services. To command a premium, you need to improve your skills, innovate and be different.

Read the post by Dave on why you should build your own ramp and how to go about it.

Don't be content with running on the same spot. Build a ramp by improving and innovating the value you can deliver to your customers. Only a ramp can bring you and your business forward.