Be creative, anywhere, everywhere

One of the reason I chose to work in the software industry is that it makes it possible for me to create something. The ability to turn your ideas into reality can be extremely fulfilling. The software industry is part of the creative industries where you deal with ideas, knowledge and information. If you are generating or exploiting knowledge and information, then you are too part of this industry.

Personally, I think everyone should be in the creative industry. What I mean by that is that everyone should be creative in their work. No matter how repetitive and boring your job is, there's definitely something you can change and make a difference.

If you are a factory worker doing the same thing like everyone else, you could lead your fellow co-workers to ensure that all your benefits and welfare are taken care of.

As a sales person in multi-national company, you could treat your clients with respect and provide the best customer service among your colleagues.

No one else is better suited to improve and enhance your job than you. You are armed with the domain knowledge to know what works best for you and your clients. All it takes is some creativity to bring things to the next level.

The next time anybody complains about their job, tell them to shut down their lizard brain and start getting creative in their work.