Just enough to start

Derek Sivers tweeted this link a while ago on how we only need enough motivation to get started and the momentum will keep us going after that. Apparently, it doesn't take much motivation for us to do something. The article talks about how the author managed to convince himself to get outside during the rain for a bike ride. He needed only a little push, enough to get him outside. Once he is riding, it doesn't take much discipline to continue to do so.

My ride in the rain taught me a good lesson about motivation and discipline: we need it less than we think.

The important is that we don't give up at the time when we are most vulnerable. We need to use our willpower and discipline to get pass the initial stage to get started then everything else is easy.

What's important is that your moment of choice is when you are in the right state of mind — when you need the least willpower — to make the best decision.

If you have problems getting yourself to do something, read the article to learn how to motivate yourself. It seems we need less motivation and discipline than we think and that's a good thing.