Make a choice

When  I started my own business, I took on any jobs and gigs I could find. It's hard when you are starting out so obviously I try to get all the help I can. Then at some point, I realized that some of the things I'm doing just isn't profitable and led me no where. All they did was take up my time and prevented me from doing the ones that actually matters.

So I decided it was time to define the scope of jobs I will take on and those that I won't. I made the choice to focus only on web development which I have the most experience with.

It worked out well because I'm doing things that I'm good at and also enjoy. It also allowed me to focus on my own self-improvement. Now that I know what I want, I know exactly where I need to improve myself.

The other choice I made was to only work with clients that are worth it. Sometimes, you'll meet clients that are impossible to please and it is best to walk away from the project. But when you find one that's a keeper, you should do whatever it takes to keep it going.

Realize that you need to make a choice in order to change something and whether it changes for the better or worse is where the real challenge it.