In poker, when a player becomes confused and frustrated, he will start to play a little too aggressively and affect the performance of his game. He can be refer to as being on tilt and the most common way to for someone to be in this state is by losing. I think tilting doesn't only happen in a poker game but also in our everyday life. Like how you can have a string of bad luck in a poker game, sometimes in life, things just doesn't seem to be going your way. And if you react to it negatively, you will tilt.

Once you see everything from the wrong perspective, you will end up sabotaging yourself without realizing it. This can happen to your work and relationships. It might seem like you are trying to solve the situation but in reality you are just making things worse.

The most important thing is to realize when you are tilted and then act accordingly. Experience will help and if all else fails, try to step out from the situation to get a better picture.

Realign your perspective and untilt yourself. Doing anything while being on tilt is not only dangerous to your wallet but also to your well-being.