Change is certain

The first social networking site, Friendster was launched back in 2002. The year after that, Myspace came along, took the lead and was eventually sold for half a billion US dollars to the News Corporation. Then a bunch of college students decided to join them and founded Facebook. It is now the largest social networking site on the planet and both Friendster and Myspace revamped their sites to stay in the game. Things can move very rapidly and this isn't only the case for the online world. Telephones went mobile and transmit not just audio but now deliver the full multimedia experience. Computers morphed from a gigantic room-sized contraption into something you carry around and put on your lap.

Yet most of us live our lives assuming that when we wake up the next day, everything will remain the same.  The industry you work in will still be thriving. The status quo will remain and doing the same thing everyday is the safest strategy.

To matter make worse, some of us will start forecasting the future. We expect our pay will continue to rise and plan our budget on it. We believe that recession is something that only happen once every decade or so. All these expectations blind us from reality.

The reality is that things will and always change. It is not a matter of if but when. The safest strategy is to know that there is no such thing as a safe strategy. Just because you don't want things to change doesn't mean they won't.

Luckily for us, we humans are quite good at dealing with change. Our ability to adapt is our secret weapon to cope with the rapidly changing environment we live in. There's a reason why we are the largest species on the planet.

So if you really want a strategy to live your life, the best one would be to learn to adapt to change and read this manifesto. It explains why adaptability is so crucial to us. Since everything changes, so must you.

The best thing—perhaps the only thing—we can do to prepare ourselves for life in the future is to learn how to change. - Excerpt from Change Master