Give first, take later or never

A while ago, I posted about Derek Siver's talk on the First Follower idea. It was very insightful and inspiring so naturally many urged him to develop the idea and maybe write a book about it. He responded by giving the idea away to anyone who wish to take it further. He's not the only one that gives something away without taking anything from us. Many smart marketers are using this selling by giving approach. By giving great content, ideas and insights away, they build up a reputation and goodwill among their fans and readers. Guess what happens when they put out something for sale.

1. Figure out what your gift is, and give it to them on a regular basis.

2. Make sure it’s received as a real gift, not as an advertising message

3. Then figure out exactly what it is that your trail of breadcrumbs leads back to. - Hugh MacLeod

Try to identify your gift that you can give to others. As stated by Hugh, the gift must be sincere and not accepted as marketing message. Do this at a regular basis and good things will happen for you. Remember to give first, take later or maybe never but that it's okay.