Must-know vs Nice-to-know

After being disconnected from the internet for a week, I have hundreds of unread emails and RSS feed items waiting for me. Some of you might even have thousands of them. While working my way through it, I can't help to think if there's a simpler way. A way to tell if an email or article is something you must read or something you can ignore.

A lot of things can happen in the span of a week. But most of them are really just things that are nice-to-know. These are things that you feel you should know but it don't really matter if you don't.

What you should focus on are the must-knows. The biggest thing that happened that week. Obviously, this will vary for different people so we need to categorize them.

How do you reduce the information clutter in your life? What kind of tools or filtering strategies that you apply to keep things more manageable?