What are we paying for?

Did you ever stop to wonder why things we buy are priced that way? The hardcover version of a book cost more than the paperback version even though the content is the same. In fact most books are around the same price range regardless who the author is or what's inside. Are we paying for the content or the medium? This is also true for things like CDs, DVDs and even the digital revolution did little to change that. iTunes sells all music at the same price and Rphasody offers a subscription model.

Companies like Apple and Nike know that we are willing to spend on better designs and cooler branding. Occasionally, we'll splurge on innovative products like Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Quite often, the price we pay have little to with the quality or content of the product. Maybe we don't really want to pay for the content or it's just too hard to determine the price . But if you are given a chance to change the price of one thing, what will that be and why?